Sunday, December 21, 2008

More than halfway through!

Wow in 3 short weeks we'll be out of the second trimester already! One last one left and I can't believe it :) That first trimester went by so slow I felt like 20 weeks was so far away and here we are almost in our 23 week already. I have a feeling this last trimester will be a mix. April is not too far away.

If you haven't heard already we are expecting a little boy. He was showing us his "goods" at 16 weeks. Will and I are beyond thrilled and we cannot wait to meet this little boy. We picked his first name out already and his family has picked out the middle name.

So far this pregnancy has been really easy. He's not at ALL picky on food. The only bad thing is that I crave sweets with him and that is a big no no. Only once in awhile will I have a treat and any juices I drink now have to be diluted. Which to my taste buds still taste great. He's growing fast. According the the baby books he's already a whole pound (or a little more) and probably 8inches long. I'm still working through this pregnancy. There was only 3 weeks where I didn't work but right back to work I went. I am planning to work up until he makes his arrival and for right now the plan is for me to return to work after I have him. Grandma's want to babysit and whats my excuse to stay home?

Here we are at around 18weeks with my new mommy car. No more two door for me unfortunately :( Now I drive this almost bus car which is very different for me since I've only driven the small tiny cars up until now. Thats ok cause the safer the better for me and the little one. We haven't started shopping for him just yet, we bought a couple of outfits at the outlett mall but that was as far as we went. I think in January we'll start our baby registry and maybe do a late Feb early March baby shower. Traditionally our family does the shower a month after the baby is born to celebrate the baby's birth and to meet the new addition but we might just do both, who knows we'll see.

Will and I are enjoying these last holidays of just the two of us. We are getting as much rest as possible and the next holidays will be completly different for all of us.

So from our family to yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS, have a great, safe, and warm Christmas!

Friday, November 7, 2008


They say pregnant women crave the weirdest things, like pickels and icecreame, anchovies and ice creame, dirt, sand, anything goes, but I don't crave those. I crave my comfort food like some good ol cajun crawfish, my oriental chicken salad from applebees, funnel cake (and there is a restaurant that makes these babies), and fruit candies!

Its not crawfish season and any place decent that has it is hundreds of dollars away! I cant justify that for a craving boo! I'd rather save that money for a maternity-family portrait for our family a before and after our bundle of joy arrives :) I can't wait to meet our little one!

This was just a quick update that mommy and baby are fine and well daddy is same ol same ol! Lucky him he hasnt had the sympathy pains lol!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my how time flies

Wow its been two months since I updated my blogspot and so much has changed and happened.

The biggest news: We're EXPECTING! July's celebrations of birthdays and anniversary gave us the biggest gift of all our little baby. We are now in our SECOND trimester. We made it safely through our first trimester with flying colors. I luckily did not endure any morning sickness at all. I only felt a little queasy when I hadn't eaten and my child demanded food or get sick. I chose food lol! Before the new year we hope to find out if it will be a boy or girl and in late April we are expecting our new addition :)

We dont have a preference over boy or girl we just want a happy healthy baby :)

We're trying to preadjust to life with a new baby by getting rid of junk now for much needed space later. Pack rat habits cant live! We have a sitting room adjoined to our master bedroom and have decided that would be perfect for a baby nursery. There is a lot of light and close to mommy and daddy. We're so estatic for his/her little arrival. Two more trimesters to go!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

whoa July was busy, its mid august jeebus

I get sooo lazy with the resizing of photos, myspace and facebook make it oh so easy to upload while here you have to resize, and upload and than link. Lots of work for a girl with so little time. So here goes part one of the backtracking on summer photos.

// My pressies at work, I'm princess for a day! My hubby got me that beautiful Edible Arangement

// He had lunch with me :)

// LMFAO my friends at work glued my face to Belle cause thats how I am

// My lovely sisters

// The most magical cake, chocolate with whipped cream frosting and bavarian cream filling, from the same bakery that made our wedding cake

// I love this picture of us!

// The birthday girl, happy 24th, I couldn't ask for more :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcome back Tom!

First off a big Welcome Back to my future brother in law Tom who has just gotten home from a six month tour of Qtar! I know my little sister Samantha is very happy and excited about it :) I'm glad now she has someone else to bother hahaha just kidding! She was lonesome thats for sure.

Secondly a big congrats to my hubby and I for one year of marriage whoohoo!! We celebrated in the right style and had an amazing anniversary! We are so blessed and are very happy :)

Thirdly summer semester is almost done I can almost taste it but that also means summer is coming to an end already :( Sad it went so fast.

We've been enjoying summer activities such as BBQ's, the renaissance festival, family outings, and much much more. Trying to make the most of a great summer. I know my husband is especially excited about his anniversary/bday gift a new hood, painted, repainted front, and clear bra on his car. His car is his passion as it is for a lot of guys and I'm happy that I can get him something he can truly enjoy instead of cologne which I enjoy lol.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their warm summers. Next thing you know it will be winter again!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Decisions, decisions

This has by far been one of my most emotional weeks of the year. It just so happens that yes it was also the week of my birthday but my emotional breakdown happened after the whole birthday hooray. I am overwhelmed with everything going on in my life. I am sure a lot of people can relate. A lot of it is taking on too much and my brain and emotions are on super overdrive. I want to push and just make it through 3 more weeks of school its crunch time and I just need to finish it. I am not even looking at fall at this point I just am focusing on this summer.

At the same time at work they asked me if I was in fact going to commit long term to this job. I was honest and said I don't know. To me this is just a job I do not want it to be my long term career goal and my future goals don't include anytthing in the medical field. This is what works with me going to school and near my home. I don't get paid the pay I am used to and so I told them well give me two weeks to decide. The only problem now is I can't decide if I should move on or should I hang in there.

A lot of decisions and no answers to give anyone. Can I use a magic eight ball? LOL Easier said than done. Too many things going on!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Love like this

You're the only one that knows me,
Love it when you hold me,
Never find a love like this
Let me hear you say
Now I'll never be lonely,
Look at what you've shown me,
Never find a love like this
~Natasha Bedingfield

Do words of a favorite song ever hit you in a special way? Or bring you back to a memory or think of someone? I remember growing up and having songs on repeat until I memorized all the lyrics. I was a complete Backstreet Boy teenybopper.......shh still am today!!! Our wedding song still brings a tear to my eye when we hear it :)

Our one year wedding anniversary is coming right around the corner and I am so excited for it. I've been working on his present for awhile and year one is paper *hint*hint*. Our one year is so special because I truly believe it was a hard year. We had to work harder through a lot of tough issues. There were people rooting for us to fail miserably and we didn't let them win. Instead we fell in love all over again. I love him more with each day and I'm reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to have him as my husband. We have a love that can't be found so easy. I know now it sounds like I am gushing but I can't help it. I love him so much! *MUAH*MUAH*MUAH*

Our most frequently asked question (mind you people ask my sister, my parents, grandparents but never me to my face) is Are you Pregnant?!?

The answer is no, not yet. When the time is right it will happen and when the time does come we will let you ALL know. And no not via my blog I'll call you (or text you hahaha). So there consider this the record being set straight!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Greetings from work

My birthday is officialy just a week and a half away!! Whoo the big 24, lol everything is the big [insert number here]. I love birthdays whether they are mines or someone else's. It's a day to celebrate your life and the great things in it...was that too cheesy?

So the plan is on my actual birthday which is Tuesday the 8th wings night at BW3 in lonetree. Than that weekend a four course dinner at my favorite place The Melting Pot...YUM! Followed by either a stint at bowling or D&B's we'll see how the night goes :)

July is just the month for cakes. The baker that made our wedding cake will be making my birthday cake and recreating the top layer of our wedding cake for our first wedding anniversary. Can you tell I am super excited? I don't think its a bad thing. Especially since today the negative nellies like to take everyone down. Well you know what you can't take this birthday girl down. You go be sad in your own corner k.

July 4th is so close and I'm excited too but work is so short staffed that its bothering me so much I cant get excited about a 3 day weekend. Sad I know. Short staffed in an already small office sucks, trust me on that. I need happy hour that week lol, who's in?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

week 3

Well this week has been an interesting week. I've been getting current on all my vacinations (so handy since I work at a Dr.s office) and so my arm is sore from all the shots and than for curious sakes I did a complete panel on my bloodwork. The results were not good. There is something wrong with me and its not good. I'm not comfortable discussing this on my blog but I can talk about my feelings towards it.

On a positive note its good that I know now and I can make changes and such to my life to better my body. On the other side it's a toll emotionally and physically. Sometimes I will be completly fine with myself and than later I would feel completly down and depressed about it all. It's like I am just thinking way too much about it. For the most part though I guess I can appreciate that I shouldn't take life for granted and that things happen for a reason.

I'm already thinking about the fall and whether or not to continue online classes or not. I love the idea of continuing my education but I'm wondering what school will be better for me and really how much can I handle. Especially with my new health concerns everything has added to the stress that I call life. It is all up in the air at this point I guess.....

P.S. You know who you are but if you think in any way I have anything to do with YOUR drama, you are kidding yourself by blaming me. I haven't been a part of your life in a long time so please save yourself from hating me, I had nothing to do with it. You should know better than that.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is it Friday yet??

It is true, misery loves company. And apparently misery works with me at work because every day feels tougher than the day before. I went to great lengths to avoid this fool misery but his persistent self found me day after day. I even MADE CUPCAKES from SCRATCH even a MARTHA STEWART receipe at that. Come on now what is with the still crabby patty people. I made cupcakes that took like 3 hours to make. Why isn't happiness contagious? In fact it is like happiness makes people even more mad....sometimes it's a lost cause.

I need the weekend to come! I need a break a chance to relax and breathe.

My husband has already made me feel better. I came home to a SPOTLESS house! Whooohoo I didn't have to lift a finger. He is amazing and I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful loving husband who knows just what I like. He knew that I was stressed enough as it is and even though he was on call for work this week he came through for me like a champ. I couldn't ask for more.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What is with the dropping?

This is the second time this week that the school has dropped me from my classes. They already have my summer tuition what more do they want? In updated school news I had to drop Astronomy...booo..I did not like the format of class the way the professor had it. I mean every class Ive taken so far has the same format of using the blackboard system and I didnt agree with the way he had his set up. It wasn't meant to be. Summer is only ten weeks long so maybe it is better if I don't bite off more than I can chew.

Work has not slowed down at all despite the fact that less people get sick in the summer. Now is the perfect time for people to get their physicals done and so we're so busy booking those appointments and as always we have tons of new patients every week. I love watching the practice grow because I get to be a part of that growth. Also because I know I am in a practice that cares about their patients, yes sometimes the wait is long but in the end you get all the time you want with the Doctors and they take care of you. So would you rather be rushed in and out or have time? You have to take the good with the bad people!

The weather has been a lot nicer lately and I love enjoying the outdoors with my dogs. They may be little lap dogs but they sure don't act like it. They probably see themselves as big ol' gaurd dogs. They do need more excercise as they are getting pudgy. Not to diet food point but to the no-more-scraps point. I know I am a bad dog parent feeding scraps but if you could see their little begging faces you would understand my dilemna.

This weekend I am going to FINALLY get my hair cut. It has been so long I actually cannot remember when the last time it was when I got it cut. The plan is to get rid of the damaged hair and allow my hair to grow all of the dark natural color out. I always call that the "plan" but than I see all these beautiful highlights that all the ladies have and than I can't help but want them too! What is that??? It's like a disease that I have, wanting things I don't need. Hmmm I think a lot of America suffers from that syndrome. I have acknowledged my problem and I am continuing in my effort to change that but old habits die hard. Wish me luck with the hair cut!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A new audience

Welcome new readers, also known as my English class and teacher, to my personal blog. I am officialy in the start of my summer semester. Where the break went I don't know. Graduations galore probably helped pass the time even fasteter. I am looking foward to the fast 10 weeks ahead. I've got English 2, Astronomy, and US History under my belt for the ten week ride.

Work is work. Being in the medical field is a whole new experiance for me as I had no idea how many things people use the physicans for. I used to only think of the Doctors office as a last resort place to be, as in I'm in my death bed and must need antibiotics. But apparently I was missing out or something. I realize people are pretty demanding but more so in this field than anything else. It has forced me to find patience within myself. That in itself is a big battle. I feel like after I juggled last semester anda new job that I can take on a lot. I know what my spoon can hold and lets hope that spoon doesnt tip over.

Oh on a side note Happy 24th birthday to my best friend! I know she had an amazing day and I couldnt wish for more for her. We've been best friends since we were 15, next year we celebrate 10 years of friendship.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Enjoying the sun part 2

So today is day two of this lovely spring weather. The sun is out the wind is blowing. Its all pretty magical at this point. I'm sitting in the sun with my laptop and shades on. This time I was more sensible and I got the sun block out but at the same time am trying to fix the farmers tan situation. Hmmm who knows if it will work but I am just trying to avoid the farmers tan at all costs. The doggies are sitting next to me laying in the sun as well. I swear sometimes its like they wanna tan too.

The hubby is washing and cleaning the cars. I think he really enjoys it. So I try not to whole up in the house while he is outside tinkering around. The dogs love it outside but theres a lot of distractions for them. I felt bad for having them be inside all day while we were out celebrating Peter's graduation. So now its free roam day for them

I forgot to mention in my last blogs that schools out! I'm on break only for a couple of weeks until the summer semester begins. Being at the college graduation yesterday seriously put my eyes on the prize. I want to sit at my own college graduation I mean I want it bad! So this summer I am putting my multitasking to its best and taking 3 courses and than in the fall take at least another 3. I don't care how much money it takes I am graduating college! With that said I got an A in Philosophy and a B in Pyschology. Not too shaby. A lot of credit does go to my hubby for being soooo supportive through this all. I mean I was there for him through college and now its my turn. My biggest goal at this point is to get to at least close to finishing before we have kids. We're at the point were if it happens great if it doesn't we're not going to loose sleep over it. When its meant to be it will be right?

Eyes on the prize, positivity, encouragement, and visualization. I'm there baby. I'm there.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

So this is love

We'll be celebrating 7 years together in just a few weeks, May 26th in fact.

Just a few pictures of us from the past couple of months :)

From the Rockies vs Dodgers game, we sat behind home plate!

From the Nuggets vs Rockets game

From the Nuggets vs Rockets game

From a birthday party :)

Wow its hard to believe its been that long. But its a huge milestone and I can't wait!

Oh no

It was the loveliest day ever and perfect for my brother in law Peter's College graduation. It was out doors and just picture perfect.....till I got super sunburned and probably will turn into a farmers tan and nose burnt. thats so hot :( NOT

Damn me and my stupid self for not putting on sunblock and wearing conservative clothes!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Its nearing the end

The spring semester is rounding the corner and coming to an end. I have one last final my philosophy final paper and thats all folks. I am so glad its almost over. I think I am going to end up with B's in both classes. Here's to hoping right? It's been such a struggle juggling work, school, and home life. It is a lot of work. I've been so exhausted and I've been trying my hardest at keeping up with everything. Everyone tells me I'm doing so well but I sometimes doubt myself. It was a huge test to myself to pull it all off of course. *sigh* there are sometimes not enough time in the dale

Now I have to think about SUMMER semester. I can only afford to take two summer courses and mentally can only afford two classes hahahaha! Work is going good. Some days better than others. I won't elaborate on the bad lets focus on the good. I've made some very cool friends and enjoy my coworkers. There are some fun perks to the job too. Free lunch almost every day and hook ups to certain things like I got a huge discount on tires from one of our patients it was awesome. I have a pricey car so comes along pricey tires so any money I can save for maitenence on my car is a godsend!! Annnd I can totally feel the nice smooth ride when I drive my car, well smoother than it always is ;)

What else to update....went to my first Rockies game!! Whoowhoot! So much fun even if it was freakin freezing outside. I loved it! My girl Tiff gave us tickets that where behind home plate so it was an amazing view. I am so not big on baseball. Truth be told I don't know much even if the Rockies went to the world series...but got swept! And we lost that game that I went to against the Dodgers. But oh well my hubby and I had tons of fun :)

We've been trying a bunch of new restaurants and I'm lovin in. Hello we found a restaurant that has funnel cake!!! Heaven right?? Mmmm yumm-o! Castle Rock is turning out to be a very cool city, but needs diversity like no other....Enter Jenn! hahahahaha.

So that's all from me now. Not really sure who all reads this but hey its probably cause you love me right? Right!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Long time no see

Hmpft that's how I feel. These past two weeks I've put in OT with my fulltime job and I've been working my second job freelancing and I've had at least four quizzes for school in those two weeks too. *sigh* its hard work and I forgot what sleep is. But positive thoughts positive wants I gotta push through!

Went to my last nuggets game for the season, no playoff tickets :(, and it was sooo much fun. I swear time FLIES when you are at the game! I love baskeball games :) Being at the games live is the best I think for the next football season especially I want to go to more Broncos game!

This weekend is like my girls weekend with my new friends from work. Here's my shoutout to my girls Heather and Sara cause they keep me SANE at work lol! Sara is my partner in crime out in the front lmao! Together we pulled one of the most awesome April fools joke :)Hehehe we make work fun. Oh and I've got a new nickname that I shall not repeat, its work only damnit.

There was some drama during the week that I was exposed to (not work related) and it made me realize there is a real good reason why I haven't let some people back in my life and why it was a fantastic decision to cut them out to begin with. These people sometimes end up being theives for example. Sad asses LAME! Pshhh cutting the drama out is the best thing ever.

Tonight I'm baking for tomorrows party :) whootwhoot! Note to self remember to get some sleep :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nuggets again!

Saturday was Nuggets vs Warriors and of course we won!! Whoohoo, we are also going to the April 15th game against Houston! Too bad Yao Ming is out for the season I really wanted to see him play :) Oh well at least for that game our seats are back in the 100's section.

Like my new jersey? I love it! Mellllll-O! I always do the pink version of the real thing, pshhh you know its hot ;)

Still enjoying my new job, its super busy but it makes the day go by fast. I never just sit I'm always doing something. I am setting up my personal workspace so time for photos and a few coming soon :) Also got my first paycheck, nice to see my name next to some dollar signs hahaha. Now to just try to pull of school and work. School is kicking my ass and I already have to think about what classes I want to take for the summer. I am only going to take two I need to enjoy the summer.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Part one Vegas pictures

First off success I've got comments and archives working. Now all the stalkers can view everything. Well that's why I created this. For people who want to read updates without using a networked site. Either way you obviously must be somewhat interested and so you're here reading, looking, enjoy it cause if you hate it than LEAVE! Thanks!

Any way here are pictures from DAY one in Vegas (Sunday day before St.Patty's Day. This day started at 5:30AM and did not end until well 4:30AM Monday) Yeah we party like Rockstars, what can I wish you were hot like us.

Whooo exciting huh, well thats day one. Stay tuned for the two additional days we had in Vegas! The fun never ends :)

So as a lot of people know I love MAC, Purses, and organizing so to make an additional useful purpose to my blog I am thinking that I would show you hints and tips on organizing in a cute cheap way! Not decorating mind you just organizing. The container store aint got nothin on me baby :) Let's see if I have time though....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I <3 my weekends

I had forgotten how enjoyable weekends are. How on Fridays you get sooo excited because you get two days to catch up on sleep. Oh and I forgot how the case of the Monday's can ruin a Sunday afternoon lmao!

Monday's are supposed to be busy in the office so I am definetly intimidated. I am so used to official training. At this job it was a ten minute briefing and than thrown in the fire. So I learn as I go. Sometimes can feel overwhelming but I can do this. I just keep thinking of all the lovely things I want. Well everyone needs motivation right?

Back to Vegas. Highlights of the trip were crawfish, seeing my cousin Kathy, FAO schwartz, Yard long margaritas....yummmm, Playboy Club, all the buffets, and finding my dream Chanel bag....which I plan on buying as a birthday gift to myself. Holla!

Since I created my own template I need to find the html for the archive links and the comments links. I forget to look them up though cause I get so exhausted and all I can think about is hitting the bed. I should be sleeping now for work but damnit I was napping all day plus I am watching the Girls Next Door on DVD, uncensored baby lmao!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm alive I promise

Whoa I have been sooo M.I.A....what with Vegas and than straight into my new job I forgot how to stop and breathe. Vegas was amazing as always. Amazing food, entertainment, fun, and everything inbetween. We didn't loose in gambling we actually won!! Too bad we spent it all on food and shopping.

Oh my goodness and the best part was meeting Bridget from the E! Hit reality show the Girls Next door. I am officially Bridget's biggest fan lmao!! It was that magical. She's the one known for her beauty and brains folks. That right there is SMOKIN hot annnnd she's the one with the real boobies lol!!! I got my whole group the biggest hookup in town. No line, No cover, and free drinks homies!!! Pimp ass I know :)

She was so sweet and even prettier in person!!! No one seems to be more excited than I was to meet her but thats cause they wish they would've met her. Also I fell in love with the most beautiful Chanel bag and the best part is if I buy through Las Vegas Chanel they will ship it for free to me and NO TAX baby! I'd be saving a fortune. Hence why I am working a new job. I want that bag and all this MAC makeup I've been eyeing.....goregous and fabulous.

I've got a million more pictures I've just been TOO exhausted to even begin to start to resize. Myspace and Facebook make it easy to upload.

My body and mind are so not used to working. I am learning new things at work every five minutes and I feel like I am messing up but everyone assures me that I am picking things up fast and that I am doing a great job. Patients have been telling me they couldn't tell that it was my first day there and that was one of the biggest compliment. I am just used to only school work going through my mind now I am juggling school and new work you know how hard the medical field is. There's a million and one forms and terminology. My brain is gonna explode lol!

Thank goodness for a quick break in school that my brain can recover. I forgot how much hard work it is to work for a living. But I keep thinking of the wonderful lovely things my heart so desires. I would like to trade my Benz for a midsize SUV soon (yes even with the ridiculous gas prices) but its getting harder for Will and I to do anything with both of us in coupes (two door cars). Like driving other people besides ourselves, moving, and possible family editions. That means money money and oh yeah more money. So there you have it. Must work for many months for many new toys. The End.

I'll update more on Vegas later. Too tired to function.....
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