Sunday, December 21, 2008

More than halfway through!

Wow in 3 short weeks we'll be out of the second trimester already! One last one left and I can't believe it :) That first trimester went by so slow I felt like 20 weeks was so far away and here we are almost in our 23 week already. I have a feeling this last trimester will be a mix. April is not too far away.

If you haven't heard already we are expecting a little boy. He was showing us his "goods" at 16 weeks. Will and I are beyond thrilled and we cannot wait to meet this little boy. We picked his first name out already and his family has picked out the middle name.

So far this pregnancy has been really easy. He's not at ALL picky on food. The only bad thing is that I crave sweets with him and that is a big no no. Only once in awhile will I have a treat and any juices I drink now have to be diluted. Which to my taste buds still taste great. He's growing fast. According the the baby books he's already a whole pound (or a little more) and probably 8inches long. I'm still working through this pregnancy. There was only 3 weeks where I didn't work but right back to work I went. I am planning to work up until he makes his arrival and for right now the plan is for me to return to work after I have him. Grandma's want to babysit and whats my excuse to stay home?

Here we are at around 18weeks with my new mommy car. No more two door for me unfortunately :( Now I drive this almost bus car which is very different for me since I've only driven the small tiny cars up until now. Thats ok cause the safer the better for me and the little one. We haven't started shopping for him just yet, we bought a couple of outfits at the outlett mall but that was as far as we went. I think in January we'll start our baby registry and maybe do a late Feb early March baby shower. Traditionally our family does the shower a month after the baby is born to celebrate the baby's birth and to meet the new addition but we might just do both, who knows we'll see.

Will and I are enjoying these last holidays of just the two of us. We are getting as much rest as possible and the next holidays will be completly different for all of us.

So from our family to yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS, have a great, safe, and warm Christmas!

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