Sunday, March 23, 2008

I <3 my weekends

I had forgotten how enjoyable weekends are. How on Fridays you get sooo excited because you get two days to catch up on sleep. Oh and I forgot how the case of the Monday's can ruin a Sunday afternoon lmao!

Monday's are supposed to be busy in the office so I am definetly intimidated. I am so used to official training. At this job it was a ten minute briefing and than thrown in the fire. So I learn as I go. Sometimes can feel overwhelming but I can do this. I just keep thinking of all the lovely things I want. Well everyone needs motivation right?

Back to Vegas. Highlights of the trip were crawfish, seeing my cousin Kathy, FAO schwartz, Yard long margaritas....yummmm, Playboy Club, all the buffets, and finding my dream Chanel bag....which I plan on buying as a birthday gift to myself. Holla!

Since I created my own template I need to find the html for the archive links and the comments links. I forget to look them up though cause I get so exhausted and all I can think about is hitting the bed. I should be sleeping now for work but damnit I was napping all day plus I am watching the Girls Next Door on DVD, uncensored baby lmao!!!

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