Friday, March 28, 2008

Part one Vegas pictures

First off success I've got comments and archives working. Now all the stalkers can view everything. Well that's why I created this. For people who want to read updates without using a networked site. Either way you obviously must be somewhat interested and so you're here reading, looking, enjoy it cause if you hate it than LEAVE! Thanks!

Any way here are pictures from DAY one in Vegas (Sunday day before St.Patty's Day. This day started at 5:30AM and did not end until well 4:30AM Monday) Yeah we party like Rockstars, what can I wish you were hot like us.

Whooo exciting huh, well thats day one. Stay tuned for the two additional days we had in Vegas! The fun never ends :)

So as a lot of people know I love MAC, Purses, and organizing so to make an additional useful purpose to my blog I am thinking that I would show you hints and tips on organizing in a cute cheap way! Not decorating mind you just organizing. The container store aint got nothin on me baby :) Let's see if I have time though....

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