Saturday, July 5, 2008

Love like this

You're the only one that knows me,
Love it when you hold me,
Never find a love like this
Let me hear you say
Now I'll never be lonely,
Look at what you've shown me,
Never find a love like this
~Natasha Bedingfield

Do words of a favorite song ever hit you in a special way? Or bring you back to a memory or think of someone? I remember growing up and having songs on repeat until I memorized all the lyrics. I was a complete Backstreet Boy teenybopper.......shh still am today!!! Our wedding song still brings a tear to my eye when we hear it :)

Our one year wedding anniversary is coming right around the corner and I am so excited for it. I've been working on his present for awhile and year one is paper *hint*hint*. Our one year is so special because I truly believe it was a hard year. We had to work harder through a lot of tough issues. There were people rooting for us to fail miserably and we didn't let them win. Instead we fell in love all over again. I love him more with each day and I'm reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to have him as my husband. We have a love that can't be found so easy. I know now it sounds like I am gushing but I can't help it. I love him so much! *MUAH*MUAH*MUAH*

Our most frequently asked question (mind you people ask my sister, my parents, grandparents but never me to my face) is Are you Pregnant?!?

The answer is no, not yet. When the time is right it will happen and when the time does come we will let you ALL know. And no not via my blog I'll call you (or text you hahaha). So there consider this the record being set straight!

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chase.* said...

Jenn - I love that you're truly happy because nobody ever deserves it more than you. You two are amazing for each other and I cannot WAIT to see some Baby Trans running around. And as for me - I better, BETTER BETTER be the FIRST person you tell when you're preggy. Cuz you know, us BSB fans go way back, yo.

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