Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm alive I promise

Whoa I have been sooo M.I.A....what with Vegas and than straight into my new job I forgot how to stop and breathe. Vegas was amazing as always. Amazing food, entertainment, fun, and everything inbetween. We didn't loose in gambling we actually won!! Too bad we spent it all on food and shopping.

Oh my goodness and the best part was meeting Bridget from the E! Hit reality show the Girls Next door. I am officially Bridget's biggest fan lmao!! It was that magical. She's the one known for her beauty and brains folks. That right there is SMOKIN hot annnnd she's the one with the real boobies lol!!! I got my whole group the biggest hookup in town. No line, No cover, and free drinks homies!!! Pimp ass I know :)

She was so sweet and even prettier in person!!! No one seems to be more excited than I was to meet her but thats cause they wish they would've met her. Also I fell in love with the most beautiful Chanel bag and the best part is if I buy through Las Vegas Chanel they will ship it for free to me and NO TAX baby! I'd be saving a fortune. Hence why I am working a new job. I want that bag and all this MAC makeup I've been eyeing.....goregous and fabulous.

I've got a million more pictures I've just been TOO exhausted to even begin to start to resize. Myspace and Facebook make it easy to upload.

My body and mind are so not used to working. I am learning new things at work every five minutes and I feel like I am messing up but everyone assures me that I am picking things up fast and that I am doing a great job. Patients have been telling me they couldn't tell that it was my first day there and that was one of the biggest compliment. I am just used to only school work going through my mind now I am juggling school and new work you know how hard the medical field is. There's a million and one forms and terminology. My brain is gonna explode lol!

Thank goodness for a quick break in school that my brain can recover. I forgot how much hard work it is to work for a living. But I keep thinking of the wonderful lovely things my heart so desires. I would like to trade my Benz for a midsize SUV soon (yes even with the ridiculous gas prices) but its getting harder for Will and I to do anything with both of us in coupes (two door cars). Like driving other people besides ourselves, moving, and possible family editions. That means money money and oh yeah more money. So there you have it. Must work for many months for many new toys. The End.

I'll update more on Vegas later. Too tired to function.....

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