Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nuggets again!

Saturday was Nuggets vs Warriors and of course we won!! Whoohoo, we are also going to the April 15th game against Houston! Too bad Yao Ming is out for the season I really wanted to see him play :) Oh well at least for that game our seats are back in the 100's section.

Like my new jersey? I love it! Mellllll-O! I always do the pink version of the real thing, pshhh you know its hot ;)

Still enjoying my new job, its super busy but it makes the day go by fast. I never just sit I'm always doing something. I am setting up my personal workspace so time for photos and a few knicknacks.....photos coming soon :) Also got my first paycheck, nice to see my name next to some dollar signs hahaha. Now to just try to pull of school and work. School is kicking my ass and I already have to think about what classes I want to take for the summer. I am only going to take two I need to enjoy the summer.

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