Sunday, May 11, 2008

Its nearing the end

The spring semester is rounding the corner and coming to an end. I have one last final my philosophy final paper and thats all folks. I am so glad its almost over. I think I am going to end up with B's in both classes. Here's to hoping right? It's been such a struggle juggling work, school, and home life. It is a lot of work. I've been so exhausted and I've been trying my hardest at keeping up with everything. Everyone tells me I'm doing so well but I sometimes doubt myself. It was a huge test to myself to pull it all off of course. *sigh* there are sometimes not enough time in the dale

Now I have to think about SUMMER semester. I can only afford to take two summer courses and mentally can only afford two classes hahahaha! Work is going good. Some days better than others. I won't elaborate on the bad lets focus on the good. I've made some very cool friends and enjoy my coworkers. There are some fun perks to the job too. Free lunch almost every day and hook ups to certain things like I got a huge discount on tires from one of our patients it was awesome. I have a pricey car so comes along pricey tires so any money I can save for maitenence on my car is a godsend!! Annnd I can totally feel the nice smooth ride when I drive my car, well smoother than it always is ;)

What else to update....went to my first Rockies game!! Whoowhoot! So much fun even if it was freakin freezing outside. I loved it! My girl Tiff gave us tickets that where behind home plate so it was an amazing view. I am so not big on baseball. Truth be told I don't know much even if the Rockies went to the world series...but got swept! And we lost that game that I went to against the Dodgers. But oh well my hubby and I had tons of fun :)

We've been trying a bunch of new restaurants and I'm lovin in. Hello we found a restaurant that has funnel cake!!! Heaven right?? Mmmm yumm-o! Castle Rock is turning out to be a very cool city, but needs diversity like no other....Enter Jenn! hahahahaha.

So that's all from me now. Not really sure who all reads this but hey its probably cause you love me right? Right!

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