Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my how time flies

Wow its been two months since I updated my blogspot and so much has changed and happened.

The biggest news: We're EXPECTING! July's celebrations of birthdays and anniversary gave us the biggest gift of all our little baby. We are now in our SECOND trimester. We made it safely through our first trimester with flying colors. I luckily did not endure any morning sickness at all. I only felt a little queasy when I hadn't eaten and my child demanded food or get sick. I chose food lol! Before the new year we hope to find out if it will be a boy or girl and in late April we are expecting our new addition :)

We dont have a preference over boy or girl we just want a happy healthy baby :)

We're trying to preadjust to life with a new baby by getting rid of junk now for much needed space later. Pack rat habits cant live! We have a sitting room adjoined to our master bedroom and have decided that would be perfect for a baby nursery. There is a lot of light and close to mommy and daddy. We're so estatic for his/her little arrival. Two more trimesters to go!

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