Sunday, May 18, 2008

Enjoying the sun part 2

So today is day two of this lovely spring weather. The sun is out the wind is blowing. Its all pretty magical at this point. I'm sitting in the sun with my laptop and shades on. This time I was more sensible and I got the sun block out but at the same time am trying to fix the farmers tan situation. Hmmm who knows if it will work but I am just trying to avoid the farmers tan at all costs. The doggies are sitting next to me laying in the sun as well. I swear sometimes its like they wanna tan too.

The hubby is washing and cleaning the cars. I think he really enjoys it. So I try not to whole up in the house while he is outside tinkering around. The dogs love it outside but theres a lot of distractions for them. I felt bad for having them be inside all day while we were out celebrating Peter's graduation. So now its free roam day for them

I forgot to mention in my last blogs that schools out! I'm on break only for a couple of weeks until the summer semester begins. Being at the college graduation yesterday seriously put my eyes on the prize. I want to sit at my own college graduation I mean I want it bad! So this summer I am putting my multitasking to its best and taking 3 courses and than in the fall take at least another 3. I don't care how much money it takes I am graduating college! With that said I got an A in Philosophy and a B in Pyschology. Not too shaby. A lot of credit does go to my hubby for being soooo supportive through this all. I mean I was there for him through college and now its my turn. My biggest goal at this point is to get to at least close to finishing before we have kids. We're at the point were if it happens great if it doesn't we're not going to loose sleep over it. When its meant to be it will be right?

Eyes on the prize, positivity, encouragement, and visualization. I'm there baby. I'm there.

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