Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcome back Tom!

First off a big Welcome Back to my future brother in law Tom who has just gotten home from a six month tour of Qtar! I know my little sister Samantha is very happy and excited about it :) I'm glad now she has someone else to bother hahaha just kidding! She was lonesome thats for sure.

Secondly a big congrats to my hubby and I for one year of marriage whoohoo!! We celebrated in the right style and had an amazing anniversary! We are so blessed and are very happy :)

Thirdly summer semester is almost done I can almost taste it but that also means summer is coming to an end already :( Sad it went so fast.

We've been enjoying summer activities such as BBQ's, the renaissance festival, family outings, and much much more. Trying to make the most of a great summer. I know my husband is especially excited about his anniversary/bday gift a new hood, painted, repainted front, and clear bra on his car. His car is his passion as it is for a lot of guys and I'm happy that I can get him something he can truly enjoy instead of cologne which I enjoy lol.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their warm summers. Next thing you know it will be winter again!

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