Wednesday, August 13, 2008

whoa July was busy, its mid august jeebus

I get sooo lazy with the resizing of photos, myspace and facebook make it oh so easy to upload while here you have to resize, and upload and than link. Lots of work for a girl with so little time. So here goes part one of the backtracking on summer photos.

// My pressies at work, I'm princess for a day! My hubby got me that beautiful Edible Arangement

// He had lunch with me :)

// LMFAO my friends at work glued my face to Belle cause thats how I am

// My lovely sisters

// The most magical cake, chocolate with whipped cream frosting and bavarian cream filling, from the same bakery that made our wedding cake

// I love this picture of us!

// The birthday girl, happy 24th, I couldn't ask for more :)

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