Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to our friends and families and to you out there who may or may not be reading my blog!

We've had such an amazing year filled with so many milestones in our lives. This year started off with me with a new job, than becoming a MOMMY, celebrating two years of marriage, and watching Ayden grow and meeting all of his baby milestones, and moving into our new home, not the first home we owned but still a milestone nonetheless. The year has flown by so fast and now we celebrate our first Christmas with Ayden. We've spent so many Christmas's just the two of us we were used to just showering each other with gifts and now this year it wasn't really about us any more it was about that little boy.

Will did however get a pretty good present he got a new car. It wasn't the ideal situation to be getting a new car but it was a bad situation that we made lemonade with. He has a more family friendly car and finally a car I can drive as well. I joke and tell him its our car cause whats yours is mine baby!! No I won't steal his car I have my own car.

In other Ayden news he has sprouted TWO new bottom teeth. Weeks of on and off cranky-pants have finally paid off with these sharp suckers. You can hear him bang cups up against his new pearls haha. He's also discovered that if he can't see you than you must have left him and he will scream bloody murder. He's become such a mama's boy but I can't lie I love the way he makes me feel. To know that this tiny little person needs you and trusts you with their life and can't be away from you makes you feel pretty darn special. It does break my heart when I send him off to Grandma's and I miss him all day but when I sit in my cubical and stare at his pictures I remind myself I sit there because of him. To earn money to buy him diapers and milk and provide that oh-so-fun health insurance. Oh I think they call it responsibility. Hey we all need our motivations and he is my number one person for that.

I'm glad we moved into our house when we did. I just left all of my Christmas decorations out and decorated right before Thanksgiving. The lights outside look great, I love our tree (pre-light fake tree all the way), and the stockings are perfect. Ayden saw Santa earlier this month, we took family portraits, individual portraits of Ayden, and we sent out our holiday card.

Our one big new years resolution is..... NO BINKIE!!! DUN DUN DUN! Wish us luck!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I forgot about you

Full time mommy, wifey, daughter, sister, and Sprint Employee makes me forget about the internet. I have enough time for twitter on the phone and facebook via my phone. We found THE HOUSE. No not the tv show but our home for at least the next 10 years. I dont think it's the forever house. It's a our house while our children are under 10years old house. Why do I want to move again later? Eh I'll get bored of this house eventually.

Ayden is moving towards 6months! Time flies by when you're raising a little monkey. He already had his first hair cut but thats true to Vietnamese tradition for a "fresh start" on his crop of hair. He was getting baldy patchy from the first crop that came in so its like replanting....its getting to be another full crop. He's got his dad's hair thats for sure.

Cheesy McCheesy. That ham.

Buzz Buzz

We close on the house at the end of October. We saw what felt like over 30 houses and they all started to look the same. We were picky but we were willing to work with a fixer upper. Instead we found a house that wasn't brand new but was in EXCELLENT condition. Probably better than some of the new houses we saw. This couple is an older couple, no kids, one dog. The house was cute and special very "us". We are excited to get this move done and over with. I hate packing more than the moving it self. Can't i just leave my useless crap all over the place?

Before I end one more picture. We had a reunion date with the couples who were in our birthing class. You know where you learn lamaze breathing and watch birthing videos. Yeah you could say we ALL bonded. Our babies were all born within days of each other. We all went from super prego bellies to big bouncy babies. It was an awesome play date. They had make your own pizza's where you roll out the dough, grill it on the grill, and all the toppings your tummy could handle. Perfect play date. Can't wait for the next play date.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

house hunting

Yes we are house hunting. You know going out into the wilderness, guns out, sneaking around corners as to not scare the house in the good neighboorhood so that hopefully you'll find that beauty of a house to claim as your own lol. We've been in and out of lots of houses. Trying to picture your crap instead of their crap. When I look at the inside of a house I picture where Ayden will be taking his first steps. Where the Christmas tree will go. Where I would hang our wedding photo. Cheesy things like that. We've decided this will be our "forever" house as in 10+ years we will invest into this house. This house has to be big enough for one more kid, has to have ample storage for all my crap, and has to have garage space for Will's crap haha. This is a great market to get into a house as people are trying to get out of theirs and before all the interest rates get all crazy. So we're going to take advantage and settle down once and for all. Our doggies deserve a big roomy yard and Ayden deserves a house he can run around in and grow up in. We're excited to be getting our house and we will move before the summer is over. This I guarantee.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Old navy whats wrong with you?

I normally love Old Navy, heck I used to work there as a teen....during Christmas season at that. But lately it seems as Ayden has been screaming bloody murder any time we mention going to Old Navy and as soon as we hit the Old Navy parking lot it is serious bloody murder giant tears time. 2 for 2 he has screamed while we were at old navy. So I'm forced to speed shop like I won a free shopping spree for five minutes of shopping lol. That adrenaline starts pumping and I'm looking for my size and if its a sale item its bonus points hahahaha.

I think he secretly hates it because Old Navy baby size runs SMALL!!!! 3-6months my ass my son is barely not even 3 months and that shit wouldn't fit his one leg! I don't get it their sizes should be somewhat comparable to Baby Gap (as they are the same company) but Old Navy sizes are too small for him. I wanted him to have a 4th of July outfit but they were all too small, the 18-24month looked like it would fit but I didnt want another romper. So he just wore a striped red blue and white romper that was a gift from Jen and Steve. We showed him sparklers but it was too wet and cold outside for him to care lol maybe next year it will be better.

Ayden's first 4th was quiet and at home. His grandma turned him into a cranky baby when it comes to eating. She started heating his bottles when I went back to work and now all he will eat is warm bottles. So we cant travel far without finding some place to get hot water to warm up his bottle. Often we'll find the starbucks get a hotcup of water and dunk his bottle into it. Next baby gets room temp bottles because I am not doing this a second time damnit!

Pictures coming as my early bday present is amazing!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Works in progress

The biggest current project is decluttering and making more space as we now are a family of three. I'm getting better and not clinging on to so much stuff so it is progress but alas its a work in progress lol. I've also brought back out my Wii Fit I finally feel like I have somewhat enough sleep and energy to even want to work out. Probably a good idea seeing as how everyone and their mothers are getting married this summer. Can't be looking all flabby at the weddings so I better be working out. I am going to be donating a lot of items such as clothes, shoes, and toys all in good conditions to better causes than collecting my dust.

I am excited to become an Aunty!! YAY!! Tom and Sam are expecting their first baby together and I can't wait for Ayden to have a cousin. I grew up with so many cousins I want Ayden to have cousins the same age as well. Speaking of Ayden he is growing so fast. He's smiling and cooing all day. He's growing like a little weed. Tall and skinny like his Daddy lol. Sam's going to be back to visit for the summer since Texas is all sorts of hot, humid, and buggy this time of year. Perfect timing since the Renaissance festival hazah!

Also working in progress is a new layout for the blog. One fitting for Simply Jenn's blog :)

Lots to look foward to!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I <3 my family

Being a wife is amazing but being a wife and Mom now thats what I call completion :) Ayden is 7weeks old and just yesterday got his first full set of immunization shots eek. He was a bit fussy since his poor legs were hurting (two shots in each leg) but he pulled through like the champ that he is.

He's the love of our lives.

We are still figuring things out like juggling work and home life. You think you have it figured out but along comes baby and than you have got to re-org. All the junk you used to hold on to has to go in the trash cause theres no longer room to hoard. I'm excited about this next part in our lives. Being a parent means no longer being selfish about your own lives because now its about whats best for him. In a couple of years I want to add to our family and hopefully have my own mini me a daughter :) Not right now of course because this is Ayden's time.

My super amazing loving hubby has been such an amazing Daddy. I wouldnt be able to be sane without him. I love him more each day and Ayden is truly lucky to be his daddys own mini me lol :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

25 things you may not have known about me

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you

1. Well my number one goal right now is to be an amazing Mommy to this beautiful little boy named Ayden. He makes me want to be a better person. Our family is a better picture with him in it. We couldn't be more proud. We're excited for all the things in our future.

2. I love puzzles, the big complex 3D ones to the 1000 Thomas Kincade puzzles. If you come over to our place you'll see plenty of replica landmarks in 3D form. I'm sure this will be a favorite past time as I don't forsee much puzzle time in the future.

3. I'm an electronic gadget fanatic. I've got a video ipod, ipod shuffle, and iphone - yes they pretty much all do similar things but I had to have one of each any way. Oh and I'm getting a second cell soon here, but thats cause of my new job - just a perk :) My Wii is awesome, so is my DS, my digicam is a necessity and

4. I am a fan of cooking reality shows like Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef! Those I'll watch any day but those dating ones or the singing/dancing ones I am not into at all. I love watching good food being made or someone being yelled at for making crappy food lol. Oh and Unwrapped, diners drive-ins and dives, Andrew Zimmermans world travel! What can I say I <3 food, hell I travel to places mostly for food hahahahha.

5. My husband and I met on a blind date, yup we were set up by a good friend :) Who says you can't find your mate on a blind date pshhhhh. And personality wise we are as opposite as they come. I'm loud and outgoing he's shy and quiet. You never notice it though because I'm so friendly you forget Will doesn't talk to you.

6. I have an evil weakness for designer purses. It's a collection really. Oh especially all things Louis :) Although I haven't truly indulged in this weakness in a long time so that must mean I am getting stronger. I've probably spent MORE on purses than people spend on their first car..maybe your second car too..:/...its bad. I don't approve of knockoff/fake bags. Why WASTE your money on a piece of fake crap that breaks right away when if you save and truly want the real thing it can be attainable its not impossible. So put that fake ass shit away.

7. I'm a diabetic, yes even before the pregnancy. It runs in my family and I do my best to keep it under control with diet but since being pregnant it's been a lot more work from me and the pharmacy to keep my sugar in check. Some days it sucks really bad not to be able to eat what you want but some days I just am thankful that it's not worse.

8. Las Vegas feels like our second home since it's the place we visit most. Before the economy went into the toilet we were there like 4x a year. Last year was the first time we only went twice. Yes more than normal people but so little to us. We love our friends there and we love that theres a million things to do there. Seriously we've never had a bad time in Vegas I mean how could you have a bad time unless you had a big ass stick up ur ass???

9. I'm a crawfish ADDICT! You should know that in case you have a crawfish boil and need someone to help you eat it....seriously CALL ME! If I had the funds I'd totally open a crawfish restaurant...YES in CO..don't knock it till you try it.

10. My dogs are my first "kids". I never had a pet of my own growing up so adopting two little doggies to practice my motherly instincts was an amazing choice. Who knew I could love these dogs so much?? We'll see if practice pays off lol. When you care for a little being who needs you, yes even if its a little dog, it gives you a whole new appreciation. Dogs are not accessories they are like mini-people with their own personalities and who truly love you.

11. I get annoyed very easily. I lack the patience sometimes and I try to control as best as I can but if I'm short with you BACK THE EFF off than - TAKE THE HINT!

12. I DO NOT like people cancelling plans on me at the last minute. This goes with #11. Don't tell me omg invite me when you go, agree to go, than cancel ALL the freaking time. I DON'T need to hang out with you than. If I don't mean that much to you for you to make the effort to meet me somewhere than don't even bother acting like you care. You only get so many cancels and I'll stop making plans with you.

13. I'm a big cry baby when it comes to movies, like the dog movie 8below...omg I balled like a baby. I'm a sucker for a good crying movie...but at the same time I don't want you to see me cry :/ But the only movie that should've made me cry didn't - The Notebook. Yeah good movie but it didn't move me.

14. I love reading for fun. Harry Potter series, Twilight series, Traveling pants series, mystery novels, and lots more are my favorite. I love crawling into bed with a good book or while I'm on vacation pool side.

15. My weekly read though has to be US Weekly. Yes I've got a subscription and read it cover to cover every week. Yeah so if we're discussing celebrity news you better believe I know the scoop. hahahaha.

16. I cannot go to bed dirty. No matter how drunk/tired/etc I may be I DRAG my ass to the shower to take a good hot shower before I crawl into bed. I will not go to bed dirty. I love a clean bed. I love the smell of fresh bounce on my sheets and crawl into it clean on clean baby.

17. I used to not be able to stand needles, touching my eye, eye drops, or take pills and now I'm a pro at all of the above. After being diabetic, lasik eye surgery, and after being prego and giving birth nothing freaks me out. I had to put drops in my eyes like no tomorrow. Insulin only goes through my body via needle and after being prego you take prenatal vitamins the size of horse pills so you get over it quick. The trick is swallowing the water not the pill that just so happens to swim in it.

18. I'm good at public speaking. I've had practice since high school. To this day at work I'm always confident when speaking in front of groups even if I have no idea what I am talking about I can probably bluff my way through it lol! I've done it before muhahaha!

19. I really enjoy golfing. It's finding people to golf with thats the trouble. Been golfing since freshmen year of highschool and its true watching it is borrrring but playing it is a whole different thing.

20. I always get a shotglass from wherever we are going or staying at. I think this one a lot of people do but so do we. The only place I never got one was when I went to Vietnam....brought back a lot of other things just not a shot glass. We've got shotglasses from all the hotels we've been to in Vegas, the Dominican Republic, and all the other places inbetween. We've traveled a lot together and it's something I'm so glad we got to do before we started having kids.

21. I have the same online blog since 2002 and I still update it to this day. I've made some AMAZING friends on it and I've met a lot of them too. They are true confidants and I'm thankful to have them in my life. We even have a baby journal blog.

22. There is a star in our solar system named after Will and I in the cancer constellation. Will gave it to me as a gift for our paper one year wedding Anniversary. He's always been the romantic.

23. I like MAC and sephora a lot. I don't wear a ton of make up every day but on nights out or special occasions I know how to look good ;) This has been the past year or more that I've really gotten into it and really invested money into the good stuff. My HS friends will tell you they never knew me as the makeup girl lol

24. Contrary to a lot of peoples beliefs Will does NOT buy me everything I want. The majority of my purses were bought by me. He did buy me a few items such as wallets from time to time and my watch but not things like my CAR. Don't assume just because yes I am spoiled at times that I don't work and don't buy things for myself. During my entire pregnancy there was only 6 weeks where I wasn't working full time but thats because of the poor job force out there! I didn't get to sit at home and just be barefoot and prego was working full time damnit.

25. Both of our families are completly opposite from each other. My family is big and loud his family is small and quiet. But I love both sides of our families. It is a balance in our lives and I wouldn't have it any other way.

**WHOO ok that was harder than I thought. I hope you all learned a little more about me.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome baby Ayden

Ayden T T

Born Thursday, April 9th 2009 @ 12:30pm
7lb 9oz and 20inches long

He's beautiful and healthy and we're all home and resting. I come bearing photos. Sorry if you didn't get a text but I got Will to update the online portals for those that wanted to know. The first week was full of worries as Ayden had bad jaundice the entire first week. We went back to the hospital for one full day because it was pretty bad. But alas we've finally got the greenlight today that we no longer need to worry about bad bilirubin levels. Ayden's growing very well. He eats and sleeps like a champ. He only cries when its cold or if he's hungry so he's an awesome sleeper. Will and I love him more than anything and we're so happy to have him in our lives.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello Belly

Here is an updated belly picture that was previously posted on my baby journal and a holiday pics of our doggies. If you were on my facebook or myspace you may have already seen it :)

That was at 23and a half weeks, we are now officially at 24 weeks!!! Wow six months pregnant already :) We had our 6 month check up and everything sounds good and even the doctor said she was so proud that I'm doing so well! We saw him again and he is already such a ham. I swear sometimes its like he knows when we are watching. He was moving his hands in his face and than he showed us that he could stretch his arms all the way out and catch his own toes! Small stuff like that totally makes my day. He's this little person just staying warm till he's ready to come out into the world :) We are so excited we can hardly contain it!!!

Our current kids are still enjoying life pre-baby. They got gifts as usual and they will continue to get gifts :) My dad tried to pawn one of them off to my sister but I wouldnt have it. They are our kids!!!!!!!
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