Saturday, June 7, 2008

What is with the dropping?

This is the second time this week that the school has dropped me from my classes. They already have my summer tuition what more do they want? In updated school news I had to drop Astronomy...booo..I did not like the format of class the way the professor had it. I mean every class Ive taken so far has the same format of using the blackboard system and I didnt agree with the way he had his set up. It wasn't meant to be. Summer is only ten weeks long so maybe it is better if I don't bite off more than I can chew.

Work has not slowed down at all despite the fact that less people get sick in the summer. Now is the perfect time for people to get their physicals done and so we're so busy booking those appointments and as always we have tons of new patients every week. I love watching the practice grow because I get to be a part of that growth. Also because I know I am in a practice that cares about their patients, yes sometimes the wait is long but in the end you get all the time you want with the Doctors and they take care of you. So would you rather be rushed in and out or have time? You have to take the good with the bad people!

The weather has been a lot nicer lately and I love enjoying the outdoors with my dogs. They may be little lap dogs but they sure don't act like it. They probably see themselves as big ol' gaurd dogs. They do need more excercise as they are getting pudgy. Not to diet food point but to the no-more-scraps point. I know I am a bad dog parent feeding scraps but if you could see their little begging faces you would understand my dilemna.

This weekend I am going to FINALLY get my hair cut. It has been so long I actually cannot remember when the last time it was when I got it cut. The plan is to get rid of the damaged hair and allow my hair to grow all of the dark natural color out. I always call that the "plan" but than I see all these beautiful highlights that all the ladies have and than I can't help but want them too! What is that??? It's like a disease that I have, wanting things I don't need. Hmmm I think a lot of America suffers from that syndrome. I have acknowledged my problem and I am continuing in my effort to change that but old habits die hard. Wish me luck with the hair cut!

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So... said...

thank you for wishing me a great birthday and for making it even better, I love you so much!
10 years next year!
We should go to Vegas, naturally :]

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