Wednesday, August 5, 2009

house hunting

Yes we are house hunting. You know going out into the wilderness, guns out, sneaking around corners as to not scare the house in the good neighboorhood so that hopefully you'll find that beauty of a house to claim as your own lol. We've been in and out of lots of houses. Trying to picture your crap instead of their crap. When I look at the inside of a house I picture where Ayden will be taking his first steps. Where the Christmas tree will go. Where I would hang our wedding photo. Cheesy things like that. We've decided this will be our "forever" house as in 10+ years we will invest into this house. This house has to be big enough for one more kid, has to have ample storage for all my crap, and has to have garage space for Will's crap haha. This is a great market to get into a house as people are trying to get out of theirs and before all the interest rates get all crazy. So we're going to take advantage and settle down once and for all. Our doggies deserve a big roomy yard and Ayden deserves a house he can run around in and grow up in. We're excited to be getting our house and we will move before the summer is over. This I guarantee.
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