Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A new audience

Welcome new readers, also known as my English class and teacher, to my personal blog. I am officialy in the start of my summer semester. Where the break went I don't know. Graduations galore probably helped pass the time even fasteter. I am looking foward to the fast 10 weeks ahead. I've got English 2, Astronomy, and US History under my belt for the ten week ride.

Work is work. Being in the medical field is a whole new experiance for me as I had no idea how many things people use the physicans for. I used to only think of the Doctors office as a last resort place to be, as in I'm in my death bed and must need antibiotics. But apparently I was missing out or something. I realize people are pretty demanding but more so in this field than anything else. It has forced me to find patience within myself. That in itself is a big battle. I feel like after I juggled last semester anda new job that I can take on a lot. I know what my spoon can hold and lets hope that spoon doesnt tip over.

Oh on a side note Happy 24th birthday to my best friend! I know she had an amazing day and I couldnt wish for more for her. We've been best friends since we were 15, next year we celebrate 10 years of friendship.

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