Friday, March 7, 2008

I got this!

Success the second interview went great and I go back to work on March 20th right after Vegas :) Yay I'll be all refreshed and feeling good to get back to work and making money again. I am very excited. Everyone seems very nice its such a family friendly place and the drive is NOT bad at all, already found a short cut baby.

Tonight is the Nuggets vs. Spurs game. I'll be taking tons of photos. Dinner with the best friends I mean what more can a girl ask for. Mike and Val you guys will get tired of me what with two whole weeks of celebrating Mikes birthday lmao!

Friday night dinner and the game for his birthday
Saturday birthday party and dinner for his birthday
Tuesday beer tour at Coors and Ft Collins for his birthday
and than Sunday - Tuesday Las Vegas again for his birthday

Mike I swear when my birthday rolls around I want to celebrate for four weeks if you get to celebrate yours for two!!!

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