Monday, March 3, 2008


The official SimplyJenn blog. A combination of Livejournal, MySpace, and Melo all jam packed into one centralized location. Why are there so many blogging tools and why am I on all of them. Oh yeah the networking of friends. LJ is where I've kept the longest running blog and I've made fantastic friends on it and it will probably be a forever or till all my friends there leave sort of situation. MySpace well everyone and their mama's are on there so its hard to be discrete in any way shape or form. One false move there and someones gonna tell your momma what you said. Melo well I'm there for one person only. My bff Valerie. She refuses to blog anywhere else so I followed her there lol! I love her so its worth it, that and no one else I know in real life blogs there so its like a safety net of no personal judgement you know. And blogspot, well this is a free for all isn't it. I can't track who views me, I cant really set privacy settings, so guess what STALK me here its all good.

Really though I created this account because some of my favorite blog reads are on and I've become such a fan :) You'll see.

Stay tuned for more on ME!

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