Thursday, March 13, 2008

Midterms = stress

Its midterms week alread!!! Well the good news is that I survived this long and I kept on track of all my work. Bad news is that I have 3 papers due this week. Oy and it all has to be done before I leave for Las Vegas on Sunday. So this weekend no going out, I am hunkering down (is that the right word?) and writing, writing, and more writing. The Hubby and I have been prepping for the trip this whole week. Things for the dogs as they are off visiting their aunty Samantha in Colorado Springs. I got them more food, spray for her house in case of accidents, tupperware for their treats, and food bowls. I gotta make sure the kids are taken care of lol.

This will be the first time my littlest one (Louis) is experiancing his Mama being away. When we first got him he spent two days at grandma's but he didn't know much than. Now he's aware when I leave the room and has to follow lol! He's a mama's boy and its by his nature, male yorkies are much more affectionate than the females. And well Biscuit (the older one) she has been through it all as I left her for two weeks when I went to Vietnam. Although she was not happy the entire time I was gone. She even rebelled lmao! My dogs are like little people. I know people say like don't get too attached as they are just pets but I can't help it. They have their own personalities, they get jealous, they need attention, they have their own quirks lol. Louis brave at the doctors office while Biscuit shakes and sheds like crazy. He's shy and she's outgoing. If you visit our home she'll share and show and tell all her toys for you while he hides behind his mama. I love them so much and I already know I'm going to miss them this weekend....probably why I've been semi-spoiling them hahahaha.

The beer tours on Tuesday were soooo much fun.
Went to the Coors brewery and that was great. Tasted the freshest Coors beer you'll ever have. Tasted a lot like Bud light to me but I am no beer coniseuir. Than it was off to Ft.Collins for New Belgium Brewery and the O'Dells Brewery. Both were good but I've already had their beers lol! I am not a beer gal at all, at Coors they had these flavored Zimas like pineapple citrus Zima...yum! I lost my tolerance for buzzed off of two zima's how SAD is that. Oh well cheaper for me to get drunk whoohoo!

Photos from the tours will be posted later, first to-do homework yo!

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