Monday, September 28, 2009

I forgot about you

Full time mommy, wifey, daughter, sister, and Sprint Employee makes me forget about the internet. I have enough time for twitter on the phone and facebook via my phone. We found THE HOUSE. No not the tv show but our home for at least the next 10 years. I dont think it's the forever house. It's a our house while our children are under 10years old house. Why do I want to move again later? Eh I'll get bored of this house eventually.

Ayden is moving towards 6months! Time flies by when you're raising a little monkey. He already had his first hair cut but thats true to Vietnamese tradition for a "fresh start" on his crop of hair. He was getting baldy patchy from the first crop that came in so its like replanting....its getting to be another full crop. He's got his dad's hair thats for sure.

Cheesy McCheesy. That ham.

Buzz Buzz

We close on the house at the end of October. We saw what felt like over 30 houses and they all started to look the same. We were picky but we were willing to work with a fixer upper. Instead we found a house that wasn't brand new but was in EXCELLENT condition. Probably better than some of the new houses we saw. This couple is an older couple, no kids, one dog. The house was cute and special very "us". We are excited to get this move done and over with. I hate packing more than the moving it self. Can't i just leave my useless crap all over the place?

Before I end one more picture. We had a reunion date with the couples who were in our birthing class. You know where you learn lamaze breathing and watch birthing videos. Yeah you could say we ALL bonded. Our babies were all born within days of each other. We all went from super prego bellies to big bouncy babies. It was an awesome play date. They had make your own pizza's where you roll out the dough, grill it on the grill, and all the toppings your tummy could handle. Perfect play date. Can't wait for the next play date.

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