Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to our friends and families and to you out there who may or may not be reading my blog!

We've had such an amazing year filled with so many milestones in our lives. This year started off with me with a new job, than becoming a MOMMY, celebrating two years of marriage, and watching Ayden grow and meeting all of his baby milestones, and moving into our new home, not the first home we owned but still a milestone nonetheless. The year has flown by so fast and now we celebrate our first Christmas with Ayden. We've spent so many Christmas's just the two of us we were used to just showering each other with gifts and now this year it wasn't really about us any more it was about that little boy.

Will did however get a pretty good present he got a new car. It wasn't the ideal situation to be getting a new car but it was a bad situation that we made lemonade with. He has a more family friendly car and finally a car I can drive as well. I joke and tell him its our car cause whats yours is mine baby!! No I won't steal his car I have my own car.

In other Ayden news he has sprouted TWO new bottom teeth. Weeks of on and off cranky-pants have finally paid off with these sharp suckers. You can hear him bang cups up against his new pearls haha. He's also discovered that if he can't see you than you must have left him and he will scream bloody murder. He's become such a mama's boy but I can't lie I love the way he makes me feel. To know that this tiny little person needs you and trusts you with their life and can't be away from you makes you feel pretty darn special. It does break my heart when I send him off to Grandma's and I miss him all day but when I sit in my cubical and stare at his pictures I remind myself I sit there because of him. To earn money to buy him diapers and milk and provide that oh-so-fun health insurance. Oh I think they call it responsibility. Hey we all need our motivations and he is my number one person for that.

I'm glad we moved into our house when we did. I just left all of my Christmas decorations out and decorated right before Thanksgiving. The lights outside look great, I love our tree (pre-light fake tree all the way), and the stockings are perfect. Ayden saw Santa earlier this month, we took family portraits, individual portraits of Ayden, and we sent out our holiday card.

Our one big new years resolution is..... NO BINKIE!!! DUN DUN DUN! Wish us luck!

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