Friday, May 29, 2009

I <3 my family

Being a wife is amazing but being a wife and Mom now thats what I call completion :) Ayden is 7weeks old and just yesterday got his first full set of immunization shots eek. He was a bit fussy since his poor legs were hurting (two shots in each leg) but he pulled through like the champ that he is.

He's the love of our lives.

We are still figuring things out like juggling work and home life. You think you have it figured out but along comes baby and than you have got to re-org. All the junk you used to hold on to has to go in the trash cause theres no longer room to hoard. I'm excited about this next part in our lives. Being a parent means no longer being selfish about your own lives because now its about whats best for him. In a couple of years I want to add to our family and hopefully have my own mini me a daughter :) Not right now of course because this is Ayden's time.

My super amazing loving hubby has been such an amazing Daddy. I wouldnt be able to be sane without him. I love him more each day and Ayden is truly lucky to be his daddys own mini me lol :)

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