Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Old navy whats wrong with you?

I normally love Old Navy, heck I used to work there as a teen....during Christmas season at that. But lately it seems as Ayden has been screaming bloody murder any time we mention going to Old Navy and as soon as we hit the Old Navy parking lot it is serious bloody murder giant tears time. 2 for 2 he has screamed while we were at old navy. So I'm forced to speed shop like I won a free shopping spree for five minutes of shopping lol. That adrenaline starts pumping and I'm looking for my size and if its a sale item its bonus points hahahaha.

I think he secretly hates it because Old Navy baby size runs SMALL!!!! 3-6months my ass my son is barely not even 3 months and that shit wouldn't fit his one leg! I don't get it their sizes should be somewhat comparable to Baby Gap (as they are the same company) but Old Navy sizes are too small for him. I wanted him to have a 4th of July outfit but they were all too small, the 18-24month looked like it would fit but I didnt want another romper. So he just wore a striped red blue and white romper that was a gift from Jen and Steve. We showed him sparklers but it was too wet and cold outside for him to care lol maybe next year it will be better.

Ayden's first 4th was quiet and at home. His grandma turned him into a cranky baby when it comes to eating. She started heating his bottles when I went back to work and now all he will eat is warm bottles. So we cant travel far without finding some place to get hot water to warm up his bottle. Often we'll find the starbucks get a hotcup of water and dunk his bottle into it. Next baby gets room temp bottles because I am not doing this a second time damnit!

Pictures coming as my early bday present is amazing!

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