Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello Belly

Here is an updated belly picture that was previously posted on my baby journal and a holiday pics of our doggies. If you were on my facebook or myspace you may have already seen it :)

That was at 23and a half weeks, we are now officially at 24 weeks!!! Wow six months pregnant already :) We had our 6 month check up and everything sounds good and even the doctor said she was so proud that I'm doing so well! We saw him again and he is already such a ham. I swear sometimes its like he knows when we are watching. He was moving his hands in his face and than he showed us that he could stretch his arms all the way out and catch his own toes! Small stuff like that totally makes my day. He's this little person just staying warm till he's ready to come out into the world :) We are so excited we can hardly contain it!!!

Our current kids are still enjoying life pre-baby. They got gifts as usual and they will continue to get gifts :) My dad tried to pawn one of them off to my sister but I wouldnt have it. They are our kids!!!!!!!

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