Sunday, June 7, 2009

Works in progress

The biggest current project is decluttering and making more space as we now are a family of three. I'm getting better and not clinging on to so much stuff so it is progress but alas its a work in progress lol. I've also brought back out my Wii Fit I finally feel like I have somewhat enough sleep and energy to even want to work out. Probably a good idea seeing as how everyone and their mothers are getting married this summer. Can't be looking all flabby at the weddings so I better be working out. I am going to be donating a lot of items such as clothes, shoes, and toys all in good conditions to better causes than collecting my dust.

I am excited to become an Aunty!! YAY!! Tom and Sam are expecting their first baby together and I can't wait for Ayden to have a cousin. I grew up with so many cousins I want Ayden to have cousins the same age as well. Speaking of Ayden he is growing so fast. He's smiling and cooing all day. He's growing like a little weed. Tall and skinny like his Daddy lol. Sam's going to be back to visit for the summer since Texas is all sorts of hot, humid, and buggy this time of year. Perfect timing since the Renaissance festival hazah!

Also working in progress is a new layout for the blog. One fitting for Simply Jenn's blog :)

Lots to look foward to!

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