Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seasons Greetings

Seasons greetings to all of our friends and family.

It has been awhile since my last family posting. You wouldn't believe all the amazing things that have happened in our lives since my last post. Time flies when you're having fun!!

This was our family photo for the holiday season. Last year we were 3.5 now our family is complete at 4. Four is a good round number and we're stickin with it :) Aria is such a sweet girl and she loves her big brother. He's never been jealous of her and loves her to pieces. Lucky mommy I am!!! 

After we came home from Texas it was like our family schedule went full force. I was busy launching my jewelry business, applying for a promotion at my day job, going to play date events for my kids, crafting, and oh yes couponing too. People think just my awesome sister coupons but the story behind that is our parents are always looking for the good deal. Its in our genes. When I started tweeting about my awesome savings at clothes and such my sister wanted in on the action and she's gone full force with it! I love it when our family saves!

Oh yeah back to it was the busiest time of year for us. I was offered the promotion I wanted, my Stella & Dot was a success, and the kids were growing fast.

We have been so blessed and I am thankful each and every day. Not by the material things in our lives but the fact that my husband and I have each other and our healthy children. A supportive family that helps us in every way makes that all possible. We couldn't do it all without them. And of course a two full time income household....makes every day life a little bit easier to breathe. 

Some highlights - Aria and Aydens first time at Boo at the Zoo she was a baby giraffe and he was super man again. My first time cooking turkey for thanksgiving (I'll also be making prime rib for Christmas.) A traded car for me. Tons of FREE jewelry for me!!! Aria falling asleep right before she met Santa. And last but not least all the family time with the four of us. 

This isn't a "oh she's bragging" type of post. This is truly what has been going on in our lives. We deserve to be happy so that is what we are. I feel bad for people who let drama ruin and rule their lives. Time to see the sunshine folks, the world will still move on and so should you. So here's to another amazing year!!! We wish the best this holiday season for everyone. 

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