Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our mini vacay to Texas

For my younger sisters birthday instead of a plain ol boring card as a gift we showed up at her doorstep instead! Just kidding it wasn't a surprise but it was "last minute". We rented a mini van, loaded up the kids and dvds, and drove the 11+ hours to Texas, YeeHaw! I will admit this was the very first road trip with 2 kids and the thought was scary. But we drove through the night and they both slept most of the way. When Ayden was awake that dvd player came in handy! He watched Cars on DVD and loved it. He had never really been into movies before this trip but now he's hooked on Cars. That's Ayden and his uncle Tom. He currently is serving his country in the AirForce. We're very proud of him and clearly so is Ayden lol!

Silly boys

We were only there a few days but it went fast and we had a lot of fun! We always love visiting my sisters family and we wish they lived closer. But I am thankful at least they live somewhere we can easily visit and I know it could be worse. Aria was so good the whole time and Ayden loved playing with his cousin Lexi aka the'll see'll see. We went to Chuck e Cheeses for my sisters birthday..not her first choice I'm sure but the kids loved it haha. We ate so much food while we were in town but that's what vacations are for. Before we left we tried to take cute "blogging" pics but alas that crab chick just ruins it all.

See that's my two kids being good and cute....

see that right there was a bad crab trying to escape. Mind you this was right before we left she was already "used" to us.

This is why her name is Crab...NOT miniboss we don't call her that.

Ugh here she is picking her nose! How rude! LMAO!!!

Well the last shot she looks decent in...only cause her mom is holding the both of them. I cut her head off on purpose lol. 

All in all a great trip. We needed to just get away and not think about everyday things. I wish we could have stayed longer.

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The Douangphilas said...

good thing u cut me off..i looked jank.

great pics i miss your kiddos sooo much. yea she sure is a bad crab!!

I want a copy of that hippo n tom pic for my gallery wall!

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