Monday, May 3, 2010

Why hello bunny

Will and I were watching my favorite show : The Girls Next Door seasons 4 & 5 last weekend and we happen to be saying hey remember when we met Bridget at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas a couple of years ago and it would be so cool to get to meet Brittany Binger. Brittany is Miss June 2007 and is on GND as well as Kendra's show as well. She's our favorite playmate as well :) Funny how we just said that than two days later on twitter she announces she'll be in Denver at JetLounge downtown!!!! Hello that was just meant to be a sign that we had to go and meet her!!! Now that we are parents we have never gone out late at night. We did that all 18-24years old so we've been there done that. But to meet Brittany Binger hell yes we were game. My sister came up from the springs and babysat ayden while he slept. We have not been out to the bar since my 24th birthday so uh we're rusty and we get tired easily lol.

We got dressed up, trekked downtown, there was a Vitamin Water event going on so it was packed but we got there before the line and we got whatever flavor water we wanted lol. Found Brittany B and I literally just walked up and introduced myself and Will and chatted with her like she was my bff LOL! She is the sweetest person ever! And if its possible she's even hotter in person!!! Needless to say mission accomplished!!!

And just as a reminder me and Bridget at the Playboy Club/Club Moon @ the Palms Vegas

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