Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ayden turns one

My how a year flies by! This year was full of amazing milestones for our little man. He's grown so much and if its possible I love him more and more every day!

Yes he's a cutie and future heartbreaker ;)

He's [this] close to walking and he's already a troublemaker lol! He loves to eat, loves his doggies who he calls his wow-wow (our family teaches babies that word for dog lol), he gives hugs and kisses, he says: Daddy, Mommy, wow-wow, Baby, Ba (which is the first word for grandma in viet) sure a lot of kids say Ba a lot but really in Viet its a word and he hears it ALL the time since his grannies watch him. He acts all shy the first five minutes of meeting new people than after the five minutes he's ready to give you lots of smiles, winks, and high fives. He waves - especially to strangers lmao! He's in 18-24month clothes but we put the 12month onesies on him any way. And the Most Common compliment everyone says, besides how cute he is," Wow he's the happiest well behaved baby I have ever met!" Best compliment ever because we do not have a child who screams at strangers or is bad. He'll be at a party for hours and you'll never hear him cry.

His Sesame Street birthday party was amazing if I dont say so myself. My girlfriends helped me make his decorations and his cake pops. Yes my little sister sam is the arts and crafts gal but me I am the creative cooker gal. Hey we've all got our strengths mine just happens to make your tummy happy too.

Elmo cupcakes, chocolate cake pops, and tissue pompoms. Awesome ideas I found on the net and re-created :)

Thank you to all of our friends and family who attended and made the party a huge success. We hired an entertainer for all the kiddies. Our balloon lady was AMAZING! She made a TONNNNN of balloon animals in the short hour we had her there. We also had a pinata that all the kids (even aydens age) could participate in. The pinata had ribbons that everyone got to hold on to than all pull for the raining of candy. Yes it rained candy hahaha! We gave out goodie bags and had a great buffet of food. It took weeks of planning, hours of man power, but the happiness on our little boys face was PRICELESS! He also got tons of toys and an entire summer wardrobe. We seriously couldn't ask for more.

Here's to many many many more birthdays! We won't be topping this birthday until the big 5 hahahaha!

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Lexi's Mommy said...

love love love that hippo :)

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