Tuesday, September 20, 2011

light organizing

One of the big that changes in your life after kids is your stuff. Now its your stuff + their stuff + plus stuff ya didn't even know you had. So you now have to find a new place for allllll this STUFF! Easy answer would be "just get rid of it" hmmmm easier said than done. I tackle crazy unorganized areas one corner at a time. Don't try to kill yourself and clean your house or reorganize an entire floor at once cause with two little monkies jumping around it just doesn't get done. Plus if you're like me at all you get easily distracted by some awesome forgotten treasures (which BTW best part of cleaning). So here are some areas that I recently hit up and changed around. Thank you Ikea for being a part of my life hahaha! So some tips to follow:
1. Pick a section to focus on. Don't over do it and pick the whole kitchen on your first attempt...cause that's kind of scary. Pick a section of cabinets instead of ALL of the kitchen or just the pantry.
2. Don't spend a ton of money buying containers (i.e. container store cause its a rip off) to make things pretty. Chances are you have these materials on hand or hello dollar store!!!
3. DRAG everything out of the space. The goal is to put back into the space the actual items you are going to need and use. If you haven't used it in a couple of years please do everyone a favor and toss it or donate it depending on the item.
4. Trash bags are your friend, keep one close by to help you be encouraged not to hoard. Remember no hoarding!!
5. And finally a picture helps you remember where everything went!

My makeup station at the top. I know its horrendous but it had been awhile since I touched it. I have two small children its hard to look mac-tastic everyday hahaha. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! It so badly needed to be reorganized so those hanging "jars" are displayed at ikea for like kitchen space. Hmm I look at it and say no thanks but its great for my makeup brushes! Voila it looks beautiful and off the table and away from grubby little hands!!

Girls with straight hair want curly hair and girls with curly hair want straight hair. Silly but its true. Alas it takes a lot of tools sometimes to make these things happen. My sink cabinet looks like it vomitted hair supplies everywhere. Graphic but true. It desperately needed some organization. I used all my extra tubs for other projects so I did purchase a tub from Ikea but all the little boxes I had on hand from previous *cough*ikea*cough* trips in texas.

In the end it looks a million times cleaner. While I may not whip out a curling Iron at the drop of a dime I also don't need it so often where that skill set would benefit me. The last picture that is one of the clear organizers for holding TEA packets but not any more. I used this baby for every day hair accessories aka hair ties and clippies. These short organizing tips have just helped me not feel so overwhelmed about disorganization. I love a clean house but I know that I can't kill myself over it. One day at a time, or section at a time. I hopefully can encourage someone else to better organize the small areas in their lives :)

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