Friday, September 30, 2011

iPad2 case makeover

Oh my electronic gadgets its my weakness...well among other things in life haha. I did not get the original iPad i actually somehow gathered strength and waited for the iPad2! Right I know the 3 is probably around the corner. Doesn't matter I wanted it and I made it happen. If you want it, it will come. Its my motto. Goals people goals!!! So here I am with this super cool new toy but I needed to protect it. I went online looked at several cases, some of them over priced and ugly...some just plain ugly. What's a girl to do? Whala be CRAFTY! I actually found an online site that would custom color the case I want and they quoted me 2-4weeks. That seemed reasonable *sigh* fast forward 7weeks and countless emails to the production people and at 8weeks I FINALLY got my case.

First things first its a beautiful color but I had to add the vinyl....heck yes gotta put my initials on it!
But the interior lining was a complete grease attracting lining. When you have two kiddos with grubby hands yeah its not a good thing. I had to do something to the inside. Hello Martha Stewart and Michaels craft store with the 40% off coupons! Never buy something full price there, NEVER you hear me?? I bought the stencils, paint, brushes all with coupons and will reuse them again and again :) 

Stencils!!! love love love it. Took literally less than five minutes to finish it and than voila! 

Completely customized just for ME! And now you can't tell if there would be hand prints plus my handy hubby installed the protecting film cover over the actual screen as well. Super easy and you can do this to practically anything.

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