Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 the year of clean and organize

I started this year off a lot like everyone else with goals that I am going to make this year healthy, clean, and all that other good stuff. I am proud to say that I have done a great job keeping this up, uh minus giving up diet soda, mostly because I absolutely failed at that (I will keep trying though!) 

At the beginning of this year instead of worrying about tackling the WHOLE entire house at once I read up on re-organizing and tackled one room at a time. The problem being that since I work full time, have two children, and a life-ish, I could not devote every waking minute to this project. But with my husbands help every weekend since the new year began we went through each room and got things accomplished. 

We got the family room and living room re-done. I now have a better office space located right next to DH's office space. I know I have not done well in the whole "keeping up with my blog" but now with a desktop computer plus office space away from the kids I have no more excuses!

Of course as we moved on to the next room I SWEAR the last room we just cleaned got messed up again. *sigh* it's a never ending battle. Because we live in constant change. The kids are growing, our needs are changing, and of course the house doesn't grow, just the mess inside. I won't dwell on this not so positive side. Instead I will tell you our future plans. 

As it starts to get warmer but snowier (hey we live in Colorado, that's how it works here) we have picked out new light fixtures for the outside of our home, I have picked out the design for the re-do on our stairs, and today we are testing out a closet system for the kids. Last spring we focused on the back yard and got a patio umbrella etc, but somehow we neglected the front of our house. Again you can't change the whole house at once. We're realistic and focus our energy on one part at a time. However as amazing as Pinterest is (thanks to all the thousands of views to my blog because of it) sometimes it makes me think that I can change everything in my house in one day. Ah the first world problem, instant gratification

That my friends is for another blog day :) Happy projects everyone. We're tackling lunch, a nap for the kiddos, and then the closet re-do!

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